Traditional Skylight

The Skydome skylight is a great way to enhance your new home or home renovations. It is designed to cooperate with most roofing profiles as well as with roof flashings built for the Australian climate.

  • Powder coating is available for all bases to match your roof colour.
  • Accompanied by a 7-year guarantee.
  • Each dome is glazed in 3.2mm UV Skyguardâ„¢ acrylic, eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays. and are available in opal, clear and tinted glazing.
  • Skydome Skylight is available with the option of natural ventilation.
  • Light shaft delivery system is available including Skyflex.

Flashing Types

TSD For Tile Roof

Extensive range of glazing options. Provides primary and secondary water course on the base flushing.

CSD For Corrugated

Easy to install the unit manufactured from zincalume and are specifically designed for easy watertight installations on corrugated roofing. Can be custom made in aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

MSD For Metal Deck Profiles

Suitable for most common metal deck profiles. Designed for use with over flashings or dry pan flashing.


Our opal glaze provides a soft, diffused light that spreads evenly around the room. We recommend the use of the opal on north- and west-facing roofs, as it diffuses direct sunlight and minimises heat transfer.


acrylic provides a crystal-clear view of sky and clouds as well as the night time stars. You can choose from a wide range of blinds, enabling you to regulate the amount of light and heat entering the room.


The smoky-grey colour of the tinted glaze is a fantastic complement to dark-coloured roofs and will provide some shading from harsh sunlight.


A cost-effective way to install a skylight where there is a long distance between your roof and ceiling. It allows the Skydome to be installed in cluttered areas of your roof cavity. The Skyflex kit is finished at the ceiling level with our stylish sea-drift diffuser.