Skytube 400

For medium-sized rooms in need of fresh, natural light, consider the Skytube 400 tubular skylight. With an attractive low-profiled roof dome, Skytube 400 will transfer natural light into the room below, making it brighter, fresher and more inviting.

The light is transferred from the dome to the room below using a reflective flexi-shaft or a rigid highly reflective Silvertube. This enables ease of installation and versatility.

The stylish ceiling diffuser allows ventilation to be controlled at the ceiling level. It has three positions: closed, half vent and full vent. Two forms of light transfer from roof to ceiling:

Option One - the 400mm Flexitube, utilises a flexible light shaft
Option Two - the 400mm Skytube, utilises the high performance Silvertube.

Tube lengths are available up to 6 metres in length.

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