Day Ray


DayRay™ harvests daylight by the conversion of solar energy via a Solar Panel on the roof to drive a daylight simulator LED array on the ceiling. This new green technology is known as a Hybrid Solar Lighting Device or HSLD.


The patent pending technology of DayRayTM is made up of a super efficient solar panel & state of the art LED VividDay TM luminaire that evenly distributes the light to the room.

Skypanel Evolution 2 Solar Panel - German designed monocrystalline solar panel - guarantees high peak efficiency. This high efficiency panel enables our SkypanelTM to be compact, minimising the visual impact on the roof while maximising performance and output from our VividDayTM LED range of internal fittings. The Skypanel is also engineered to still perform adequately even in low light or overcast conditions.

The VividDayTM Luminaire is a compact modern recessed fitting.


The benefits of naturally well lit homes are well-documented - they are happier and healthier places in which to live. There are multiple benefits to harvesting solar energy & one of the most compelling is that it is an abundant and free natural resource - so we are saving energy as well as our precious environment.

  • Free running cost
  • Easy to Install, Plug & Play
  • Can be fitted to all roofs
  • Round or Square deigns
  • The ability to light the inner areas not suitable to conventional skylights or tubes
  • No heat loss/gain thereby reducing the heat load on the building
  • No need for structural alterations
  • Two compact VividDayTM fittings can run from one Skypanel
  • Fixed even light distribution
  • Cost effective
  • Safe low voltage system
  • Provides a connection with the outside environment & mimics skylighting by fluctuating as the clouds roll by.
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